Alex MacLeod

at workA lot of people ask me how I got started in this profession; this is the answer:

As a young boy i was inspired by a magazine article about an artist named Wyland, who was doing murals of whales and marine life on large buildings. It was around this time that i started doing sketches of whales and dolphins. Although I did not begin experimenting with wood sculpting until the age of 19 on my own, I have always wanted to and found the speed necessary to do what I imagined, using chainsaws and various electric tools.

In Travels I met an Italian wood sculptor who took me under his wing and shared his many years of experience with me.

Much of the inspiration comes from west coast living, around the ocean, surrounded by rainforest and mountains. I never like to be far from it, as I enjoy surfing, paddle boarding, and salmon fishing as just a few of many activities i draw inspiration from, so naturally in 2011 I began building wood surfboards and stand up paddleboards.

surfboardsLooking back, it is not surprising that my childhood sketches led me into wood sculpture, as I grew up around my family’s forestry business. This always reminded me of the value and usefulness of trees. What better medium for wildlife art than something that is purely nature; wood.

Some people ask me what my favourite piece to make is? that is hard to answer but I have strived for as much variety of challenges in my work as possible to keep it interesting.  Regardless of the subject, my goal is to make something that people can relate to and that is inspiring to look at. Many seem surprised at how I began carving at such a young age, and developed my skills quickly.  However I learned from practicing the craft over and over and always looking for ways to improve and make it better.  In recent years I have also expanded into the craft of making live edge furniture as an additional skill to better serve my clients.

As a sideline activity I run an exclusive pro fly fishing guide service

If you’d like to get updates on my most recent works simply contact me thru this site and I will add you to the mailing list.

Have a great day!

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